The Pact

With the success of our book, The Pact, a New York Times and Essence #1 Bestseller, we have blazed new trails in delivering powerful messages of hope and inspiration to communities across the country. The Pact has uplifted and motivated many people, the world over, by delivering a much needed blue print of real life.

Throughout our travels community groups, schools and parents from across the country have insisted that we create a children’s resource reflecting our story and the key messages of The Pact. With the numerous inquiries and suggestion of a children’s book, we went back to work immediately to write a new book for the young readers. We understand firsthand that, the earlier you reach youngsters the better their chances to face life’s many challenges.

Our goal is therefore to inspire the nation, one individual at a time. The new children’s book serves as a continuous source of motivation and will assist many of our educators and parents who now find innovative ways to share our messages in our New York Times Bestseller, The Pact.